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How can you become more innovative, add more value to the world and be indispensable for future markets? The egg of Columbus is an innovation think hotel that brings great insights to complicated business cases. You can check in with a business challenge and check out with multiple cutting edge solutions that simultaneously solve a global problem. 100 top out of the box thinkers will help you solving your challenge.

Thinkers like Edward de Bono, Gunter Pauli, Lidewij Edelkoort, Oliviero Toscani and Daan Roosegaarde will be present. The idea of this innovation think hotel is to find solutions beyond the analytical thinking process. 50% of the solutions can be found by analytical thinking. The other 50% of the solutions are the golden eggs you are sitting on, but can not see.

We make those golden eggs visible and come up with groundbreaking solutions that are innovative, but above all, increase profit opportunities for our society as a whole. According to the Financial Times, successful companies of the future are based on these new revenue models. 

The think hotel will take place on Friday December 20th 2024 in Amsterdam. During the think hotel we use the innovative method from the book 'The Egg of Columbus'. The method unravels how to come up with innovative ideas that improve companies and solve societal challenges at the same time. The results are outstanding! 

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Day of Discovery

This very day we will write history like Columbus did. The purpose of this day is to discover 'the egg of Columbus' for the tough challenges companies are facing with today. This era with the present global problems has a great need of a new way of thinking.

Successful companies do something that others don't. They latch onto a megatrend, the latent needs of target groups and solve a world problem. Megatrends are initially invisible because they slowly rise and change the norms and value patterns of our society. If you want to innovate, it's important to respond quickly to it and to bring renewal to what our society really needs. Management guru Michael Porter predicts that companies of the future will only make a profit if they solve a world problem. Therefore we connect world problems to the growth and innovation of the participating companies and organizations. Think of a football for children in developing countries that do not have electricity. The ball charges when they play soccer and at the end of the day it is a lamp to do their homework with. So if you produce footballs, you can simultaneously innovate, solve a world problem and become more valuable to society at the same time. That is what this innovation think hotel is about: to find your own 'Egg of Columbus'!

Overview of Thinkers


Edward de Bono

The leading authority on creative thinking. Psychologist, physician, management author and originator of the term ‘lateral thinking’. A different way of thinking that also takes initially impossible solutions and interesting side roads into account, so that you come to new insights and solutions. According to De Bono this is needed to solve the problems that we face today.

How does it work?

Proper preparation and a thorough analysis of the case already offers the right doors to the solution.
The thinkers start preparing one month before the innovation think hotel will take place, in order to achieve even better results. 

On the day itself, every half hour a team of thinkers will visit your table and come up with a new insight to solve your case. After every half hour you select the best ideas and other thinkers will pick up the selection and bring the solutions even further. All solutions will be very well processed and further elaborated. An overview of the results will be presented a couple of weeks later in-company.

What kind of business cases can be submitted? As long as we can solve your business case, we can help your company to find other solutions which you hadn't come up with before.

Examples of submitted cases: What is the train station of the future? How do I get my innovation implemented? How do I change the behavior of consumers in order to purchase my innovation? How do I ensure that my innovation is picked up and rolled out, while national and European laws slow it rather down?
The questions are diverse but always linked to the growth and innovation of the company. The method of the book 'The Egg of Columbus' is the guiding principle of the day.
In preparation for the day, the company's 'DNA' will be formulated and linked to mega-trends and societal challenges, making the company indispensable for future markets.

09.00-09.30 am: walk in 
09.30-10.00 am: introduction to thinkers and companies
10.00-12.00 am: 1st brainstorm session
12.00-01.00 pm: lunch
01.00-03.00 pm: 2nd brainstorm session
03.00-03.30 pm: selection best ideas and presentation
03.30-05.00 pm: a toast to the successful day

Names of participants previous think hotels: FrieslandCampina, European Commission, Gasunie, Univeg, RET, Topsector Logistiek, TetraPak, Netbeheer Nederland, BakeFive, La Place, Topsector Tuinbouw en Uitgangsmaterialen, Greenpeace, Plan Nederland, Hutten, Plus, ProRail and many others. 
For participation and fees contact:

About us

Our mission is to improve the world by 'another' way of thinking, or in other words, conceptual thinking. Conceptual thinking requires the usage of left and right hemispheres thinking simultaneously. As a result of this, you will come up with exceptional, value adding ideas.

95% of the people is predominantly analytical. The other 5% is more creative. But no worries, you can train your brain. By bringing the two hemispheres into balance, you will come up with groundbreaking, out of the box ideas. Every year, we solve a major social problem that companies benefit from. The first theme that we have tackled was food waste. Worldwide, we are wasting 1.3 billion tonnes of food (50% of what we produce). Meanwhile, nearly one billion people are hungry, our earth is being depleted and our world population increases from 7 to 9 billion in 2050 (source: University of Wageningen). Therefore, we came up with 100 solutions against food waste. Participating companies: FrieslandCampina, Univeg, Tetra Pak, Bake Five and La Place. The think thank was led by Toine Timmermans (Program Manager Sustainable Food Chains at Wageningen University). The organizations can use the solutions to gain profit, reduce costs and gather great new ideas and insights.


While developing a groundbreaking concept we examine the DNA of a company and study the megatrends that are in line with the core values of the organization. When you connect them to latent needs of target groups and simultaneously solve a relevant world problem, your company will be future-proof and will conquer future markets.

We thereby follow the method of 'The egg of Columbus', a book and eponymous think tank that developes innovative, out of the box concepts. Think of talking medicine packages that can remedy 16.000 hospitalizations on a yearly basis, since many people can not read the small font on the leaflet and therefore use the medications incorrectly. Making the world a better place is not so difficult. You just need to start. Or think of a supermarket of the

future, where you don't scan the products but your wrist. Most people don’t know properly what their body needs or where they have a dificiency. Everyone has a mineral or vitamin shortage. If you are not aware of the symptoms, the symptoms will come out only years later and you get sick, but you don’t know where it came from. Therefore, it is important to be informed in advance of your deficiencies. But who is going to inform you about that? This is a true opportunity for the market. A supermarket that becomes your health coach and who will advise you on what vitamins and minerals you need and tailor your grocery list to supply you with the things your body really needs.

The Egg of Columbus connects your organizations DNA with emerging megatrends and at the same time addresses a world problem. In this case, we made health care more affordable.

Innovation method

Would you like to learn more about the innovative think method of "The Egg of Columbus"? Read more information about the book via the link below. 
Coming up with a good solution does not start with thinking about the solution.

Coming up with the right solution starts with thinking about the right question or the concept behind the question. Is this question the proper question? Or would it be much smarter to solve the question behind the question? Is influencing the level of the CO2 emission price a solution to make a company pay less fine or would it be more clever to investigate what the biggest cause is of the pollution and why it is the biggest cause? The author of the book has interviewed 12 conceptual thinkers about their method how to come up with groundbreaking solutions.

Edward de Bono is one of the conceptual thinkers and also a regular thinker in our innovation think hotel. Below we give an example of solving a parking problem by conceptual thinking. The solution is translated into understandable steps to provide insight in how to get to this ‘out of the box’ solution by the author of the book:

Step 1: Identify the problem
People park their cars and leave them for far too long.
Purchasing parking meters is too expensive.

Step 2: Determine the question
Think of another solution for a parking meter.

Step 3: Investigate the essence of the question
What is the concept of a parking meter? 
Park your car for two hours and then the car must be gone.

Step 4: What exactly to solve?
To translate "park your car for a limited time" into another solution for the parking meter.

Step 5: Research (limited time)
People park their car for an average of 1 to 2 hours, otherwise a fine will follow.
Step 6: Turn it around
What makes people return to their cars after 2 hours?
(bring responsibility back to the people)

Step 7: Research
When do they return without involving someone (towed away).

Step 8: Solution
Car parkers are required to leave on their headlights when they have parked their cars. Then they definitely come back after two hours, otherwise their car batteries will be flat. It makes people aware of the time they can park their car, otherwise they have a problem. Thus we apply the concept of the parking meter in a different way.

To come up with groundbreaking solutions, it is better not to start solving the problem right away, but to dig in and investigate the question. In this case there is no money for a parking meter. You could start researching the concept of a parking meter. Generally conceptual thinking starts with a helicopter view and then zooms into the problem. Of course, the solution does not have to start with the concept of a parking meter. The above example is a simple explanation of how you can come up with solutions through conceptual thinking.

Do you want to learn more about conceptual thinking and the innovation method? Read more information about the book: "The Egg of Columbus" or order the book via this link (note: the book is written in Dutch and translated in English now).

The book costs € 50.00 (excluding VAT and shipping costs).
With the purchase of at least 100 books, you will receive a free masterclass on the method by the founder of the innovation think hotel and author of the book: Monique Juffermans.
For questions about the master class or the innovation think hotel please contact: +31 (0)20 6388770 or


It is relatively unknown what out of the box thinking can do for businesses. Therefore we explain as much as we can what positive effects disruptive thinking can bring to complicated long-term problems. This motivates us to work even harder and help companies to develop groundbreaking concepts.

Concepts that add value and make the world of tomorrow better and better. Below you can read about the innovative results the think tank 'The egg of Columbus' has achieved so far. Sign up for our newsletter if you want to keep up with the latest developments:


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